Lost and Found and Lost Again

Bayou Joes Restaurant in Panama City

There’s no explanation for what just happened to me so I’m not even going to try. I’ll just tell you that I drank some last night (as writers do)  and found myself in town this morning with no will whatsoever to fight the dropsies that had attached to me overnight. Giving in, I drove aimlessly hoping to spot a quiet place to have a morning beer.

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Kick Out the (Country) Jams

2014 Gulf Coast Jam Info

The Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam 2014 is on the way Friday, August 29, through Sunday, August 31 in Panama City Beach. This year’s edition of the popular event that debuted last year once again brings a great collection of country and country-ish artists to the area.

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Living The Beach Life

Living The Beach life in Panama City Beach

We love living here in Panama City Beach.  Although many of our staff members are not originally from this area, the beautiful beaches, the shimmering crystal clear waters of the Gulf, the breath-taking sunsets and some truly amazing weather has become the place we call home. Since our inception, we have had so many ideas about how to spread our affection for our community, introduce readers to some of the amazing people from around the country that now live and work here and give a little insight as to what it’s like to both vacation and live here.

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A Trip To Shell Island

A Trip To Shell Island

Sugar white sand. Seashells. Sand Dollars. Pristine. I’d like to share 5 different ways I found to see famous Shell Island in Panama City Beach, Florida. Shell Island is a gorgeous 7-mile long undeveloped barrier island lying between the Gulf of Mexico and St. Andrews Bay. No hi-rise condos here.  Actually, you won’t find amenities at all – for a reason.  This beautiful island has been kept as pristine as possible.

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Pies in Paradise – 6 Great Pizzas On The Beach

6 Great Pizzas in Panama City Beach

A slice of heaven isn’t hard to find here on the beach if you know where to look. Nestled between the sky-high monoliths and abundant t-shirt shops, there are more than a dozen  Panama City Beach Restaurants – each with their own ideas of how to slap, sauce and bake the perfect pie.

Here’s the skinny on the six we tried–all between the bridges. (East of Phillip Inlet and West of the Hathaway Bridge). Starting from the west end, working east…

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Hotels in Panama City Beach Whether you are a couple looking for the weekend getaway, a family of four looking to relax on the majestic powder white beaches, or a company looking for a unique locale for their next conference, there are a  multitude of hotels on the Panama City Beach Map for you to choose from.



Condos in Panama City Beach

Over the last few years, Panama City Beach & Panama City have seen tremendous growth and a great deal of that growth is the large number of condominiums that have been built directly on the Gulf of Mexico and across the street from the beautiful beaches.



Restaurants in Panama City Beach

Everybody wants to get a taste of some of that wonderfully delicious fresh seafood that comes directly from the pristine waters of the gulf!  Succulent, sweet gulf shrimp and tender, flaky grouper are the perennial favorites but hand shucked oysters are also extremely popular!



Nightlife in Panama City Beach

The nightlife in Panama City Beach features some of the best evening entertainment anywhere! Home to one of the largest nightclubs in the US, there are plenty of fun and exciting places to take a load off, kick back with a fine tropical cocktail and party the night away.



Shopping in Panama City Beach

Our quaint, southern beach town has some of the best shopping  usually found in large, metropolitan areas.  Ranging from quaint Mom & Pop artist galleries to the expansive shopping and entertainment complex, Pier Park shopping in Panama City Beach is awesome!



Attractions and Activities in Panama City Beach

Right along with some of the most beautiful beaches found anywhere in the world, activities and attractions abound. Ride on a parasail, hop on a jet ski and cruise up and down the beach, take a walk through our state parks, go deep sea fishing or even take a dive on a sunken ship!



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